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Peds Shiro-Usagi pink

These socks are ankle-high. They look plain and ordinary when you put on your shoes. But once you take off your shoes, Usagi, Kappa or Panda appears saying "Hello!". It feels like a playful touch of adult ladies, doesn't it? They may think you are cute in spite of being putting on airs.
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Other variations
shocking pink : 800Yen

Deep red pattern pattern on subdued pink
Material: Cotton, Nylon, & Polyurethane
Size: 22-25cm for ladies
Peds Shiro-Usagi

Tora-Neko Kuro-Neko Warumono(red) Shiro-Usagi Panda(gray) Kuro-Hitsuji Shiro-Usagi (shocking pink) Warumono(black) Kuro-Usagi Panda(black)< Shiro-Hitsuji Kuma Kappa Shiro-Neko

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