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Tori Stuffed Toy WITH WIRE

This product was one of the early ARANZI FUKUBUKURO (grab bag) 2017 contents.

Tori-chan (Ms. Bird) is a sharp dresser with an excellent figure. In celebration of the Rooster Bird year 2017, it has been specially made and launched as a limited edition.
The inner wires enable it to stike even a sexy pose.
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Materials: Polyseter
Body height: 18.5cm tall (when sitting) / 23cm tall (when standing)
= Made in China =

Please read carefully WARNING, NOTES, and HOW TO CARE below and take a good care of your Warumono (Bad Guy) for many years to come.

/// WARNING ///
This product has small components. There is the danger of accidentally swallowing them.
Do NOT provide the product to children under 3 years old.

/// NOTES ///
*Suitable ages for 3 years and up
*Keep the product away from fire, or it will deform or deteriorate.
*Do NOT give the product a strong pull or excessive force to prevent breakage or an unexpected accident.
*The colors of the product may change or fade away due to sweat or depending on the conditions of use.
*Avoid washing.
*Plastic bags and fasteners are used in the packages. Dispose of them out of the reach of children.
*Judging from the nature of the product, fibers of its fur is easy to come off. Be careful not to accidentally swallow them.
*Some products have chains and/or straps. Do NOT twist them around your fingers etc. Or an unexpected body injury may be caused.

/// HOW TO CARE ///
*Do NOT wash or tumble-dry.
*Gently beat the dust off from the product.
*Use a soft cloth dampened with water or neutral detergent to beat smudges off.
*Dry the surface well with a dry towel and then let the product dry in the shade, out of direct sunlight.
*Surface-wash may change hues and textures of the product.

Stuffed Toy
Stuffed Toy
Stuffed Toy

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